Roofing Blog Topics to Secure More Leads

Roofing Blog Topics

If your roofing company isn’t blogging regularly, you’re probably missing out on lots of traffic and new leads. Some people think of blogging as a marketing tool of the past, but more than 70% of today’s internet users regularly read blogs! 

However, the act of blogging alone isn’t enough to reach your target audience these days. WordPress users alone are publishing more than 70 million blog posts each month, so you absolutely need to be strategic about the blog post topics you select. 

In this article, we’ll share some of our favorite roofing blog topics and prompts to get your ideas flowing, as well as other blogging strategies to help get your blog posts noticed! As a roofing marketing company specializing in roofing SEO blogging, we’ve got plenty of ideas to share. 

Why Are Roofing Blog Topics Important? 

Blogs have some obvious benefits and some less obvious benefits. They can help prove your roofing company’s authority and establish trust among your customer base. They can also be really informative for your customers and potential customers, helping to position your business as their go-to source for all things roofing. You can use key blog posts to help answer common questions and overcome objections during the sales process. They also provide you with valuable content to share on social media and other platforms. Last but not least, it might surprise you to learn that blogging is considered one of the most effective modern tactics to drive traffic, inbound links, and leads to your website— especially when it’s based on SEO research and best practices. 

How to Choose Blog Topics for Roofing Business Growth 

All that being said, if you aren’t strategic in your blog post topic selection, you’ll waste your company’s time and resources on blog posts that don’t get any views or engagement. If your goal is to nurture existing clients and stay top-of-mind, you need to provide information that is valuable and helpful to them. If your goal is to reach new potential customers and generate leads, you need to choose relevant topics and questions that your potential customers are actually searching for. As with all forms of marketing, strategy is key! 

Informational Roofing Blog Ideas 

No matter what your marketing goals are, you want your blog posts to be informational and relevant to the topic. There’s nothing worse than scanning an article in search of an answer, only to find that it’s all fluff and no stuff. To help with writer’s block, use the prompts below to come up with specific roofing blog topics: 

  • Answer a frequently asked question, such as “How often do you need to replace your roof?” Keep a list of all the roofing-related questions your clients ask you and use it for inspiration! 
  • Share tips and tricks of the trade to demonstrate your expertise. Topics could be warning signs to look out for, roof maintenance tips, the best types of roofing materials, etc. 
  • Put together a DIY guide or how-to article, but be sure to explain the pros and cons of going the DIY route! It may feel counterintuitive to tell people how to do things on their own, but it’s a good opportunity to reach people who might be deciding whether or not to tackle the project on their own. 
  • Share information about project costs and be transparent! One of the biggest barriers to securing new clients is the high cost of roofing projects. An article breaking down the different costs in detail and explaining everything that goes into the service can be shared with potential clients to help establish trust. 
  • Explain your process step-by-step to help build trust and understanding. Include photos of your team in action if you can, rather than stock photos… it’s so much more authentic! 
  • Share a successful client story or interview a happy customer. Include before and after photos and direct quotes. This type of blog can also be used as a case study to help during the sales process. 
  • Overcome a common objection. During the sales process, what things tend to get in the way of people hiring your company? Think of blogs that could be shared with potential customers to help move them in the right direction. 
  • Blog about emerging trends. For example, you could talk about metal roofing, its pros and cons, and all the new styles that are available. These kinds of hot-button topics will keep people coming back to your blog! 

blog topics for roofing business

Don’t Just Stick to Roofing Related Blog Topics 

Additionally, it’s important to think outside the box! Just because you’re a roofing company, doesn’t mean you have to stick to roofing-related topics. Sure, most of your blogs should be relevant, but you can also talk about other things that are important to you and your community… things such as home safety or maintenance in general, events in the community, partner spotlights, team member spotlights, how you practice environmental sustainability, how your company gives back, etc. These kinds of blog topics can help express the core values and culture of your company. 

Choosing Great Roofing Topics is Just One Piece of the Puzzle 

Simply choosing an engaging blog post topic isn’t enough; You need to develop a complete blogging strategy and process in order to make your blog posts as successful as possible… 

  • Conduct SEO keyword research and choose your keywords carefully and strategically. Less competitive keywords will have lower search volume, but they will be easier to rank for in a shorter amount of time. 
  • Optimize your posts for SEO to help them gain traction. Follow best practices for your title, headers, meta descriptions, alt tags, etc. 
  • Remember, content is king! You can’t just have a great topic and expect the blog post to perform well. You need to build it out with sufficient content to compete with other articles out there on the same topic. 
  • Make sure your blog posts include a clear call to action, such as a button to request free a quote, and links to other places on your website. You want your readers to be motivated to take action! 
  • Share your articles in the right place at the right time. Blog post articles are great assets to share in your monthly newsletters, on social media platforms, etc. 
  • Audit your existing blog posts to monitor their performance over time. Pay close attention to what’s working well and what’s not and make adjustments as necessary. 
  • Revisit your old blog articles and improve them. If there’s an old article that’s getting tons of views, go back and build it out a bit, make sure the information is current, and add more content, photos, CTAs, keywords, etc… old articles are valuable assets as they’ve already established some authority! 

RidgeCap Marketing Will Help You Choose the Best Roofing Blog Topics

If this sounds like too much to take on by yourself, consider hiring an SEO blogging expert to guide and support you. Our RidgeCap blogging team specializes in blogging for roofing businesses, so you’ll be in great hands. We can create a strategy and process for your team to carry out or we handle the entire blogging process for you from start to finish. Contact us to explore your options! 

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