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When done right, advertising is an effective way to drive growth and generate leads for roofing businesses. It’s an important piece of the overall roofing marketing puzzle, especially if you’re looking for results in the short term. 

However, roofing advertising is easier said than done, and you can easily waste money if you aren’t careful and strategic when choosing a platform and designing your campaign. We’ve designed many different types of advertising campaigns for roofing companies, so we know what works and what falls flat… Let’s take a closer look! 

Key Considerations When Looking for Roofing Ads Examples & Ideas 

If you’re on the hunt for roofing advertising inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. But before we get into specific roofing ad ideas and examples though, there are some important things to consider. Just coming up with a great concept for an ad isn’t enough to get you noticed– you also need to develop a thoughtful advertising strategy to guide your campaigns. 

One of the most important considerations is what platform or media you plan to use to advertise your roofing business. You want to reach your ideal customers, so you need to think strategically about the best way to target them. Popular forms of advertising for roofing companies include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Search engine advertising, like Google Ads 
  • Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) 
  • Online directory listing ads 
  • Television advertising
  • Radio advertising 
  • Local community advertising, like billboards
  • Vehicle graphics 
  • Email advertising 
  • Text advertising 
  • And many more! 

Unless you have a lot to spend on advertising, digital advertising is probably the best place to start. Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads are popular and cost-effective ways of advertising among roofing companies. A Google Ads campaign is easy to get started and offers a wide potential reach, while a Facebook Ads campaign offers more nuanced targeting and valuable tracking insights. 

There are many other important considerations when designing an advertising campaign for your roofing company– if you need help or guidance with your roofing ads, our roofing marketing experts are here to help! 

Examples of Roofing Ads for Inspiration 

Now for some specific roofing ads examples and ideas… 

  • Create seasonal ad campaigns and promotions. Inclement weather can be an opportunity to target clients searching for emergency roofing contractors. Weather-based ads are highly engaging for certain industries and audiences–  one study found that users who clicked on ‘Weather Specific’ ads were 89% more likely to click a link! 
  • Share useful information in an ad, such as a link to one of your blog posts comparing different types of roofing materials. This can help draw traffic to your website, but you need to make sure the blog post you share is designed to funnel and convert leads. 
  • Share or include positive customer reviews to help establish trust. A survey found that 88% of consumers found ads with customer reviews to be more trustworthy, so this is hugely important! 
  • Focus on what makes your business stand out. Do you specialize in a certain type of roofing? Do you give back to your local community? Do you offer more eco-friendly or green roofing? Do you have special guarantees? Highlighting something along these lines in your ad campaign will help get you noticed. 
  • Share an eye-catching visual, such as an infographic or a before and after photo showing the transformation that’s possible. Videos are another great way to capture and hold attention– but short-form videos (under 20 seconds) have higher completion rates, so keep it straightforward. 

roofing advertisement

examples of roofing ads

What Makes a Great Digital Roofing Advertisement

When designing an advertisement to share on social media, keep the following tips in mind: 

  • Keep the copy clear and concise
  • Use only high-quality images 
  • Make sure the font and colors you use are on-brand 
  • Always include your logo
  • Make sure the ad is mobile-friendly 
  • Consider doing some A/B testing to gain valuable insights 
  • Take advantage of detailed targeting options 
  • Don’t forget to include a direct call to action (and keep it to just one CTA!)
  • Consider using Stories ads for limited-time offers (they expire after 24 hours)
  • Monitor and measure your results and make adjustments along the way

creative roofing ads

Creative Roofing Ads with Ridge Cap Marketing! 

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when designing your roofing advertising campaign. And if you’re going to spend money on ads, investing in a proven strategy and professional design will help you generate a positive ROI. 

Ridge Cap Marketing specializes in roofing marketing, including digital advertising, so you can rest assured that our tried and tested strategies will get results. Contact us today to explore our services and packages! 

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