Your Guide to Commercial Roofing Marketing

Commercial Roofing Marketing

The U.S. demand for commercial roofing is predicted to decline through 2024. With this alarming forecast in mind, marketing your commercial roofing business (and marketing it well) is essential to your future success. 

In this article, we’ll share proven lead generation strategies and roofing marketing tips from the experts to help make your commercial roofing business more recession-resistant and positioned for growth. 

Commercial Roofing Marketing Considerations 

Marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all; ideally, they should be tailored to your specific industry and goals. Hiring a specialized roofing marketing company with extensive experience working with commercial roofing businesses will help maximize your ROI. That way, you can rely on proven strategies and avoid having to reinvent the wheel. Depending on your budget, you can either hire a professional to handle all the marketing planning and execution or just have them consult on the strategy and planning and provide your team with a roadmap to follow. 

Start With a Commercial Roofing Marketing Plan 

Before you get to work on specific marketing campaigns for your commercial roofing business (whether you decide to hire a professional to help you or not), you need to have an overarching marketing plan in place to prioritize, guide, and integrate your efforts. 

A commercial roofing marketing plan should target your ideal commercial roofing customers and help differentiate you from your competitors. When developing a marketing plan, think about your target audience, what problems they’re facing, and how you can position yourself as the solution to those problems. 

Use your goals to help you prioritize different marketing channels and strategies. Are you in need of immediate sales? Maybe invest in some paid ads. Are you getting leads but failing to convert those leads? Maybe you need to revamp your messaging or build out some targeted sales funnels. 

Top Roofing Lead Generation Strategies 

Local SEO is one of the most effective lead generation strategies for roofing companies. Investing in local SEO will help local customers quickly discover your business, products, and services, read your customer reviews and get in contact with you. Specific local SEO efforts include claiming a local listing, Google My Business profile set up and optimization, mobile site optimization, local keyword research, and schema implementation, just to name a few.

If you’re looking to boost sales in the short-term, digital advertising is another effective lead generation strategy to consider. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are especially popular options among roofing companies. Google Ads is the largest pay-per-click advertising platform with a vast global audience, so it’s a great way to reach potential customers. A strong Google Ads campaign will use search campaign keyword research, ad group planning and implementation, and responsive ad copywriting. By comparison, Facebook Ads allow you to segment and target your audience on a more granular level, so that you can go after your ideal customers. 

Generating new leads is one thing, and converting those leads into sales is a whole nother beast. Developing targeted sales funnels is a great way to nurture and capture incoming leads.

marketing a commercial roofing company

More Tips for Marketing a Commerical Roofing Company 

Here are some additional marketing tips and strategies to consider when targeting commercial roofing clients: 

  • If you only serve commercial roofing clients, be clear about this on your website and across all your marketing efforts so that you’re not inundated by unqualified leads. This is important because commercial and residential roofing clients tend to use very similar search terms. 
  • Make sure your brand is professional and consistently used across all your marketing efforts. Commercial clients are more sophisticated and savvy than residential clients and tend to have higher expectations for professionalism. 
  • Focus on what makes your commercial roofing company different (and hopefully better!) than other companies out there. 
  • Develop a referral program and incentivize your commercial roofing clients to send new clients your way. Commercial clients are more likely to come through referrals than from a random online search. 
  • Develop strategic partnerships and B2B relationships with dominant supplies such as Lowes or Home Depot. 
  • Carefully manage your online reputation and respond to customer reviews (a whopping 98% of customers say they read online reviews for local businesses!) – and incentivize your customers to leave reviews. 
  • Consider developing seasonal and weather-based advertising campaigns and special promotions. 
  • Evoke scarcity to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to book roofing projects more quickly. 

Invest in Specialized Marketing for Roofers 

The world of marketing is complex and ever-changing; new platforms and strategies are emerging every day. Our team of experienced roofing marketing experts will put together a custom roofing marketing plan and employ emerging lead generation strategies to help you attract more commercial clients and grow your business. Contact us today to get started! 

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